How to get started overcoming anxiety

//How to get started overcoming anxiety

How to Get Started Ending Your Anxiety

by Charles Beeson

When anxiety symptoms begin to interfere with your personal and professional life… IT’S TIME to take action!

Get started ending your anxiety, as soon as you’ve ruled out any physical causes. Since, many feelings and symptoms of anxiety disorders mimic signs of some serious medical problems… you should get yourself checked-out by your primary medical doctor. Once you have seen your physician, begin with the following steps…

Step 1:  Begin practicing relaxation techniques every morning.

Step 2: Avoid or significantly reduce stimulants and alcohol, such as; caffeine and tobacco.

Step 3: Exercise and be as active as possible.

Step 4: Follow the step-by-step guidance in the InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Home Treatment, “Getting Started Program“.

The Anxiety Relief Introduction Course is one of four online courses offered in’s home treatment.  It is a FREE, “Getting Started” series of tutorials to help you begin ENDING your anxiety in the fastest time-frame.

The other course offerings address the 3 essential keys to overcoming the symptoms of mild to severe anxiety levels. These programs have a very small fee, ($39.95) that help to cover the costs of operating this website.

Here are the Lesson Tutorials in the “Getting Started Course”:

  1.  Welcome to Your Home Anxiety Treatment Program
  2. How to Use Self-Hypnosis Recordings for Faster Anxiety Relief
  3. Listen to “Deep Calmness” Every Morning
  4. Tracking Your Progress
  5.  Anxiety Rating Test
  6. The 3 Keys To Ending Anxiety

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About the Author:

Charles R. Beeson, CHt , is the Director of and President of InstaCalm, Inc. He created the InstaCalm, Anxiety Relief System. Today, he provides individual, one-on-one anxiety relief coaching for the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Areas, as well as, remotely by phone or Skype.