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End Fear of Flying with Anxiety Help Online

Fear of Flying

Flying anxiety can range from a mild feeling of nervousness to full fledged Anxiety and Panic Attacks. It is called Aerophobia, as a phobia by itself, but, is often a symptom of other related phobias, such as: Acrophobia (fear of heights) Claustrophobia (fear of being trapped in an enclosed space) Agoraphobia (fear of a situation that has no escape during a panic attack.

Causes Of A Flying Phobia

There are many different causes of Flying Anxiety. The most obvious is an extreme fear that originates from a traumatic flight experience. There is a long list of related fears & reasons that creates flying fear. Such as the fear of…

  • Not being in control.
  • Vomiting
  • Crashing
  • Being hijacked by terrorists.
  • Flying at night.
  • Flying over water.

These root cause issues can create a serious Flying Phobia and destroy a person’s “self confidence” about flying. They include: news events (exaggerated stories from the news media), newness to flying, lack of understanding of the “workings of an airplane ”with its’ sounds and sensations, etc.

Fly With Calm-Confidence Fast!

The advanced hypnotherapy techniques, used with the “InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Online Program”, can often alleviate the Anticipation Anxiety or “Fear-of the Fear”, and improve self confidence.

Mild to moderate fear of flying, can often be alleviated by listening to a hypnotic recording. The mp3 download,”Confident Traveling By AIR“, is available in the Self-Help Tools. *Indvidual Results May Vary

AnxietyBeGone’s Self-Help Online Treatment

You can can learn to manage and even overcome the symptoms of generalized anxiety, quickly, with the right techniques. Talk To Your Doctor First Before you try any treatment option, see your physician. You should first rule-out the possibility of a physical problem or disease that could be causing your anxiety symptoms. Your doctor may also prescribe medication to give you symptom relief for anxiety and depression.

The Anxiety Relief Master Multi-Course subscription provides you everything you need learn how to:

  • Calm your nervous system and retrain your mind to remain calm & relaxed during your flight.
  • Stop worrying & alleviate anticipation anxiety before your take-off.
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Be calm & confident wherever you go

Optional Personalized Coaching is available on Skype, to help desensitize all stressful emotional events and provide guidance in correctly performing the many self-help techniques. This is an extra cost, but is highly advisable for a Flying Phobia.

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