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Break Free of Social Anxiety
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Break Free of Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Help Online

The most common of all anxiety disorders (affecting over 19 million Americans)  is social phobia, now called, Social Anxiety Disorder, (SAD). It is an intense fear of engaging with other people on a social basis or in work situations because of the perceived possibility of rejection, being judged and humiliated by others.

Most individuals with SAD, also, have a severe fear of public speaking, (glossophobia), as well as, participating in group discussions. It can seriously impair the ability to make friends, have romantic relationships and perform well in job interviews and school.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder

The symptoms of social anxiety may include all of the physical symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks, such as: Shortness of breath – Difficulty breathing, Racing – pounding heart, Chest discomfort, Intense feeling of terror,  Sensation of smothering or choking, Feeling faint or dizzy, Trembling, Sweating, Blushing – turning red in the face, Feeling unsteady, Numbness or tingling, Chills or hot flashes,  Nausea or abdominal pains, Feeling disconnected, and, Fear of losing control or dying.

These symptoms may or may not appear visually obvious to others. But, the possibility that they might be noticed… intensifies the anxiety even more. This anticipation anxiety sets-up the individual for experiencing uncomfortable anxiety anytime the mere thought of an upcoming social situation presents itself. Anticipation Anxiety may begin weeks before a scheduled event and may lead to complete avoidance of the situation.

Other situations that may trigger these social anxiety symptoms include:

  • Using Public Toilets.
  • Dining in public.
  • Talking on the phone.
  • Perception of being the center of attention.
  • Round Table discussions at school or work.

What Causes Social Anxiety?

There are multiple possible causes of social anxiety. They are:

1. Poor self image and self esteem. This often originates from being highly criticized by one’s parents or others in early childhood.

2. Low self-confidence created by limiting decisions one makes about one’s self in past memories. These memories are often filled with emotions of fear, hurt and/or sadness. The usual limiting decision a person makes is, “I’m NOT good enough!”

3. Traumatic embarrassment in a past memory. This is a memory of a social situation in which a person experienced an intense feeling of anxiety over a real or imagined perception of being humiliated by others.

AnxietyBeGone’s Social Anxiety Help Online Treatment

You can can learn to manage and even overcome the symptoms of social anxiety, quickly, with the right techniques.

The InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Home Treatment Program provides you social anxiety help online with everything you need learn how to:

  • Calm your nervous system and retrain your mind to remain calm & relaxed throughout the day.
  • Stop Anticipation Anxiety prior to a social event.
  • End Anxious irrational worries.
  • Be calm & confident wherever you go.
  • Improve Your Self-Confidence in Social & Professional Situations.

Optional Personalized Coaching is available on Skype, to help desensitize all stressful emotional events and provide guidance in correctly performing the many self-help techniques. This is an extra cost, but is highly advisable for a social anxiety sufferer.

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