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The fear of driving can be a frustrating and costly problem. Getting to work, school and the grocery store becomes complicated when you have to rely on expensive taxi cabs and others to take you. Driving phobia can be incapacitating and often robs a sufferer of precious time and activities.

The solutions to overcome it can be simple. But, the causes and symptoms are often complex.

Driving anxiety can range from a mild feeling of nervousness to full-fledged Anxiety and Panic Attacks. It is called vehophobia as a phobia by itself. The most obvious cause is having experienced a traumatic accident while driving.

Driving anxiety is often situational, such as:

  • Driving on highways
  • Going across bridges
  • Making left-hand turns
  • Feeling dizzy while ascending high ramps at interchanges
  • Feeling trapped in traffic jams

This last one involves agoraphobia, when the fear is about “not being able to get away or pull over should you have an anxiety or panic attack”.

AnxietyBeGone’s Self-Help Online Treatment

You can can learn to manage and even overcome the Fear of Driving, quickly, with the right techniques.

The Anxiety Relief Master Multi-Course subscription provides you everything you need learn how to:

  • Calm your nervous system and retrain your mind to remain calm & relaxed while driving.
  • Stop worrying & alleviate anticipation anxiety before your drive

Optional Personalized Coaching is available on Skype, to help desensitize all past stressful emotional events and provide guidance in correctly performing the many self-help techniques. This is an extra cost, but is highly advisable for a Driving Phobia.

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