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Welcome to . We are an educational website for self-help techniques to help individuals dealing with anxiety, panic and fearful phobias.

We offer step-by-step, online courses to assist you in learning these techniques. Our tutorials are combined with powerful hypnotic recordings that can help make your recovery faster & easier.


I’m Charles Beeson, CHt., a certified hypnotherapist and creator of the InstaCalm® Anxiety Relief System. It is designed to complement medical and psychological treatment

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InstaCalm® is a 5 Step Program, Developed Over 15 Years of Research & Testing in Silicon Valley. It is designed to help alleviate the Mild, Moderate & Severe Symptom levels of Anxiety.

The 3 anxiety rating levels are based on a self-help anxiety test that can assist you in determining which techniques to focus your time and effort.

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Hi my name is Sal-

I have suffered from generalized anxiety, PTSD, and depression for the past 20 years. I have worked with talk therapists and treated with anxiety medications. The therapy is long term and expensive and did not alleviate the symptoms. The medications have many negative side effects and can be addictive. The InstaCalm Program by far has had the greatest positive and lasting effects. My anxiety level is now under control, and the depression and sadness are gone. The recordings calm down my nervous system and reinforce with positive affirmations. The recordings also taught me techniques on how to calm symptoms of panic and anxiety. The InstaCalm Program has been and continues to be a life saver. *Results Vary

Sal R. in San Jose, CA
Husband, father and business owner