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Discover How to Help Quickly End Your Anxiety

Feel Calm & Confident Wherever You Go… Without Medication or Long-Term Talk Therapy!

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  • Proven Techniques Plus Powerful Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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Dear Anxiety Sufferer,

Welcome to AnxietyBeGone.com . We are an educational website for self-help techniques to help individuals dealing with anxiety, panic and fearful phobias.

We offer step-by-step, online courses to assist you in learning these techniques. Our tutorials are combined with powerful hypnotic recordings that can help make your recovery faster & easier.

Charles-Beeson,-CHtI’m Charles Beeson, CHt., a certified hypnotherapist and creator of the InstaCalm® Anxiety Relief System. It is designed to complement medical and psychological treatment

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InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Online

InstaCalm® is a 5 Step Program, Developed Over 15 Years of Research & Testing in Silicon Valley. It is designed to help alleviate the Mild, Moderate & Severe Symptom levels of Anxiety.

The 3 anxiety rating levels are based on a self-help anxiety test that can assist you in determining which techniques to focus your time and effort.

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Some of the Best Techniques & Strategies
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  • Learn about the 3 keys to ending your anxiety.
  • Online guide to the top 10 Self-Help techniques for fast anxiety relief

  • Online Progress Tracker with integrated techniques learning enhancer.

  • Webinars, online events

  • Workshops & classes

  • Panic Attack First Aid to Stop anxiety or panic attacks in seconds.
  • Community sharing & engagement forum

  • Dashboard for step-by-step courses

  • Anxiety Rating Test

  • Relaxation MP3 Recordings

  • Android & Apple InstaCalm App connection to core membership tools.

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Step-By-Step, Online Courses

Step-By-Step, Online Courses

Your membership entitles you to discounts on easy to use courses. These courses include hypnotic recordings to quicken your e-learning experience.

  • Course Lessons are shown on member dashboard platform.
  • Progress Meters Show what you’ve completed.
  • Video Tutorials show you exactly what to do.
  • Powerful, Hypnotic Recordings to help you master the techniques.

Get the Ultimate Anxiety Online Self-Help Treatment
Targets The 3 Critical Keys To Quickly End Anxiety

1 Calm Your Body & Mind

2 Change Your Mind’s Perception

3 Improve Your Confidence

Anxiety Coach... Charles Beeson, CHt

Introducing Your Anxiety Coach… Charles Beeson, CHt 

Sal R. in San Jose, CA

Hi my name is Sal-

I have suffered from generalized anxiety, PTSD, and depression for the past 20 years. I have worked with talk therapists and treated with anxiety medications. The therapy is long term and expensive and did not alleviate the symptoms. The medications have many negative side effects and can be addictive. The InstaCalm Program by far has had the greatest positive and lasting effects. My anxiety level is now under control, and the depression and sadness are gone. The recordings calm down my nervous system and reinforce with positive affirmations. The recordings also taught me techniques on how to calm symptoms of panic and anxiety. The InstaCalm Program has been and continues to be a life saver. *Results Vary

Sal R. in San Jose, CA
Husband, father and business owner

What Others Say about Charles

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Sunnyvale, CA
I began seeing Charles to help me with constant anxiety and worry, often leading to panic attacks…. read more

Wei Y.Rita C.
San Jose, CA
I have to start by saying I was a true skeptic of hypnosis until I had multiple anxiety attacks….. read more

M C.M C.
Palo Alto, CA
Instacalm changed my life instantly! It really worked for me! I mean, I’m not the skeptical type – if you are,….. read more

Wei Y.Wei Y.
Redwood City, CA
Today, I had a chance to interview Google. I can tell you that my anxiety seems gone. I am very confident with writing my code before the examiner,….. read more

Wei Y.Edmond A.
San Jose, CA
Charles R Beeson with instacalmcom knossos has got to be the best hypnotherapist I’ve ever been to,…. read more

Wei Y.Margaret K.
San Jose, CA
Charles Beeson is an expert professional who really wants to help people. He enables you to understand your anxiety…. read more

Wei Y.E L.
Los Altos, CA
Charles Beeson is a standup guy who stands behind his service. I had a terrible experience flying in my late teens…. read more

Wei Y.jason p.
San Jose, CA
I went to see Charles Beeson prior to a big presentation. I was extremely nervous about the presentation and the interview to follow.…. read more

Rissa RRissa R.
San Jose, CA
I went to his initial consultation. He was patient with me, understanding, and a great listener. He made me feel good about myself and…. read more


Live Personalized Coaching Available On Phone or Skype with Charles

Weekly Webinars & Live Training

Weekly Webinars & Live Training

Got anxiety questions? We can help. In our weekly workshops and webinars, you can ask Charles absolutely anything about how to control your anxiety.

InstaCalm hosts weekly training sessions on every anxiety topic you can imagine. (You could pay hundreds or even thousands for this type of training anywhere else. But it’s all included with your AnxietyBeGone membership.)

You’re Not Alone…


Join the “InstaCalm Fearless Warriors” Facebook Group Forum. Share your experiences & support other members on their journey to anxiety freedom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my subscription include for only $17/month?

You will have access to all of the Anxiety Relief Tools & benefits shown above, plus the Online Guide to the most effective self-help techniques. Optional Courses are not included with the member subscription and are purchased separately. Live personal coaching is available at an additional cost, if desired.

Once you have access to the Member Dashboard Platform, you can begin immediately to follow the Getting Started tutorials. You will feel amazingly CALM, as soon as, you listen to the “Deep Calmness” recording. This Introduction training can be accomplished in less than 90 minutes. You can feel noticably better in ‘no-time’!

When you click on the SUPPORT button, you will complete a short form that will identify the problems issues and concerns regarding the website, member dashboard or account.

Questions regarding anxiety are answered in the discussion groups, work shops and private coaching sessions.

No, it is not psychotherapy. The InstaCalm Anxiety Relief System uses a number of proven Self-Help techniques that are often used by therapists all over the world.

Our training incorporates the techniques that Charles Beeson, CHt. has selected, as being the most effective from having helped hundreds of clients over a 15 year period. There are also, several, little known or understood techniques, that can help you completely alleviate the most severe anxiety symtoms.

The hypnotic recordings in the advanced courses, use a form of cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy, created by Charles. He is not a psychologist and works in the State of California as a legal, alternative healthcare professional. Beeson is a certified and registered hypnotherapist by a number of professional boards and organizations. His work spans over 28 years of experience practicing hypnotherapy professionaly.

We recommend spending 30 minutes every morning following the trainng instructions and listening to the recordings. You should use the techniques you learn pro-actively throughout the day in the appropriate situation. Completing your progress tracker every day takes about 3 minutes.

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