InstaCalm Relaxation Technique

InstaCalm Relaxation Technique




Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique Mini-Course

Includes 4 MP3 Recordings with Step-By-Step Instructions:
The InstaCalm Relaxation Techique is a method in self hypnosis, that helps you quickly achieve a very relaxed state of the mind and body, for a pre-determined length of time. I taught this technique to hundreds of my client/patients, one-on-one, in my office over many years. This at-home, training  course makes it much more convienient to learn.

Overcome Harmful Stress and Learn…

  • How to Turn-Off Stress Like a Light-Switch *
  • How to Become More Calm & Relaxed in All Situations *
  • How to Alleviate Nervous Tension with One Deep Breath *
  • How to Improve Your Productivity *
    *Individual Results Vary

The objectives of the technique are:

  1. Instantly Reduce Stress by helping the brain switch from the sympathetic nervous system (stress response) to the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response). *
  2. Help the individual sustain a relaxed state by frequently performing the technique for one minute intervals throughout the day. This can be useful in the process of alleviating severe chronic stress & anxiety disorders, such as, GAD. *
  3. Use in conjuction with cognitive hypnotherapy recordings to help condition the mind with automatic stress coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety during difficult and overwhelming situations.*

Begin a new life of Calm-Confidence, FREE from the grips of STRESS!

*Individual Results Vary


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