Stop Panic Attacks in Seconds: The Bring It On Baby Technique

//Stop Panic Attacks in Seconds: The Bring It On Baby Technique
Stop Panic Attacks in Seconds: The Bring It On Baby Technique 2017-12-20T10:53:47+00:00
Stop Panic Attacks in Seconds

Stop Panic Attacks in Seconds: The Bring It On Baby Technique

When you are having a Panic Attack, your normal, thought process is to try and stop the panic attack. This usually results in a worsening of the physical symptoms you’re experiencing, and a feeling that the anxiety is spiraling out-of-control!

It has long been known, that by strongly thinking about the opposite (desiring the symptoms to become worse), you can put an end to the “ATTACK” in seconds. This is a very challenging technique to perform, because it is a contradiction in logic… which exactly why it works. By demanding your Anxiety to become worse, you will begin engaging the frontal cortex of your brain. This will pull your mind’s attention away from the sympathetic nervous system.

Imagine your panic attack was a race car. The “Bring It On Baby” technique will take the car out of gear and put it into “neutral”.  You may still have a feeling of nervousness. But, but the extreme panic will be stopped. Then, you can immediately begin the; 5:7 Breathing Method, to bring yourself fully into a State of Calmness … through the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Here are the STEPS:

Step 1.  Take a few seconds and identify what you are physically feeling.

Step 2.  Now, with all the mental force you can create in your mind, DEMAND the Anxiety Monster to make the feeling (from Step 1) 10 times worse. Say it loudly in your mind, as if you are challenging a bully in a childhood school yard.

Example: “Okay Anxiety, make my heart beat faster10 (x) times faster. Bring It On Baby!”

Step 3.  Repeat it until the panic stops.

Step 4.  Next, begin the 5:7 Breathing Technique, and continue it until you are completely calm.

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