Stopping Anxious Thoughts

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Stopping Anxious Thoughts

Stopping Anxious Thoughts

by Charles Beeson

Persistent, anxious thoughts and unrealistic worries are one of the most agonizing symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If you are haunted by obsessive, negative thoughts throughout the day… you might find this to be an amazing method to make them diminish and eventually disappear. This is a cognitive process of changing your thought patterns to question these imaginative fears.

It is highly recommended that you practice this technique in conjunction with listening, daily, to the self hypnosis recording, stop anxious thoughts & irrational worry”.

Your cell phone can make this a simple process. If you don’t have one of the newer, SMART, cell phones, a note pad and a watch works, just as well. Here are the steps:

  1. Set your alarm in your cell phone for a time during the late afternoon or early evening. This will be a time that you will allocate for worrying. For 15 minutes… at the scheduled time… you will do nothing, but, think about your worries or negative thoughts.
  2. Throughout the day, every time you catch-yourself worrying, tell yourself, “It’s only a thought”. Then, using a few words to concisely describe your worry… enter it into your phone’s note pad or reminder section.
  3. You will, next, focus your attention on something else. You will postpone your worrying, until your Worry Time.
  4. At your “Worry Time”, go over each worry that’s on your list, one at-a-time. Think about it… ponder it… reflect on it, until it has no more importance or anxious feeling associated with it.


What would happen if this happens?
What will happen if this doesn’t happen?
What won’t happen if this happens?
What won’t happen if this doesn’t happen?

By using this technique every day, you will gain a sense of self- confidence over your ability to control your anxious thoughts. It is important that you follow-through with completing Step 4, to make this technique effective.

The Self-Help Tool for Technique 4 is:
stop anxious thoughts & irrational worry

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