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Stop Worry Instantly!


– Release Anticipation Anxiety With Time Line –

It’s easy to stop worry in 4 seconds. Time Line Therapy® (TLT) is a registered trademark of Dr. Tad James, (the creator of the technique) and the Time Line Therapy Association. I consider it to be the most powerful tool in my tool box when I’m working with my clients, to assist them in alleviating the negative, emotional feelings: of anger, fear, sadness, shame and guilt in all significant past memories. It’s a transformative… life changing intervention.

I was first trained and certified as a practitioner of the technique in 1993. I’ve performed TLT, since then, with more than 1000 individuals. Significant emotional events can be the root cause of the onset of many anxiety disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as, most fears and phobias. I always conduct this therapy in the first session of the InstaCalm® Anxiety Relief Program.

  • Besides desensitizing the negative emotional charge in past memories, TLT can often help someone change their limiting decisions they make about themselves in the past (example; “I’m not good enough), as well as, “CHANGE ONE’S PERCEPTION OF A FUTURE EVENT!

Anxiety is often defined as; a fear-based emotion about a future event that you’re unable to imagine completing successfully. Just think about the possibility of changing, subconsciously, your perception of anything you’re anxious about into, “It’s already happened, and the outcome was positive… and WAS completed successfully!

This technique is sometimes called, “The Anxiety Cure Technique” or the Anxiety Release Technique.  Here’s how to do it:

Step 1.    Discover Your Time Line

Your Time Line is an imaginary model of how your mind, unconsciously, keeps track of all your memories. If you were to consider 3 memories that are from different times of your life, it’s easy to imagine 3 points in a linear relationship.

Ask yourself, “If I knew in what direction my past was, and I took my finger and pointed to my past, which way would I point?  This answer is not logical. It is more of an intuitive feeling. Most people perceive their past, as either behind Them, or… off to the left or right direction. You might, also, think of a memory and contemplate from what direction the memory is coming from.

Which direction is your Future?  Most people perceive it’s in front of them or… over to the left or right direction.

Discover Your Time Line

Step 2.    Float Up Above Your Time Line

Close your eyes and imagine you are floating up into the air, above your Time Line. This mental imagery can induce an instant, light state of hypnosis, which will help you bypass your over-thinking, critical-analytical mind. Imagine that you can hover around and look out in any direction.  Notice that it’s relatively easy to imagine that you can see or feel your memories, lined up in the direction of your past.

Float back or over… into the past… and find a recent memory that is a positive or happy event. Stay above the memory looking down into it from above.  Notice how you look inside the memory. Is it 3 dimensional or flat like a picture? Is it in color or black & white?

This is a step you only need to do once, to help you in creating a mental concept of how you perceive your UNIQUE Time Line.

Step 3.   Stop Worry Quickly

Think about some future event or activity that you’re worried about. Notice what this anxiety feels like.

Step 4.   Go Out Into the Future

Next, float up above your Time Line and out into the direction of the Future. Go out 15 minutes past the successful completion of the event you were worried about. Turn back around and look back towards NOW.

Now, where’s the Anxiety?  Gone?

Go Out Into the Future

You should now feel a-kind-of emotional “numbness” when you think about your future event or situation. If not, you should repeat the technique, keeping the following in mind:

IMPORTANT Tips for Best Results

  • Do not over-think your successful completion. Any possibility makes this work. It does not have to be a logical, successful out-come. Just, a possible out-come.  If you dwell on the successful completion, it can increase your anxiety.
  • The faster you mentally perform the technique, the better! It should take no more than 6 seconds. Many of my clients claim they can do it in 4 seconds. Depression might cause more time to be needed.
  • Should anything change about the future situation or event, the anxiety may return. Just, repeat the technique.

You can release any worry, anticipation anxiety, or anxious thought with this technique, providing you can imagine some kind of successful outcome.  It can be a powerful method to help overcome the fear of: public speaking, flying or driving. Those suffering with Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Social Anxiety may find considerable relief using this technique pro-actively.

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