Anxiety Relief Self-Help Techniques: Intro

//Anxiety Relief Self-Help Techniques: Intro
Anxiety Relief Self-Help Techniques: Intro 2017-12-20T10:53:47+00:00
Anxiety Relief Self-Help Techniques: Intro

Anxiety Relief Self-Help Techniques: Intro

by Charles Beeson

The best anxiety relief self help techniques are presented here in an easy to learn format. They are easy to use and fast working. I’ve tested these techniques on myself and with hundreds of my clients over the years.  I found these ten to be the most effective and can alleviate many forms of anxiety disorder symptoms if diligently practised.

They work because these methods help you to switch from a state of fear, that’s felt through your Sympathetic Nervous System… to a state of calmness, that’s felt through your Parasympathetic Nervous System. Each technique is unique and will apply to different types of personal situations. Some will be more effective than others, depending upon:

  • The severity of your anxiety. (Take the Anxiety Rating Test)
  • The Type of Anxiety you have.
  • Your level of sensitivity to the feeling of fear.

  • Past memories of significant emotional events.

Commit Yourself to Take Action

You will need to apply yourself and pro-actively, use these techniques. Practice… practice… practice!  But, PLEASE, do not allow any technique to create more anxiety by fearing it may not work.  So, give yourself permission for it to NOT work. Repeat to yourself, mentally, “I will use these techniques to the best of my ability and not care if they fail”.

More Help is Available…

We have created Online Self-Help Training Courses to help you master these techniques. This training includes step-by-step tutorials, accompanied by MP3 hypnotic recordings that can enhance their effectiveness. You can quickly & easily get started by signing up for the FREE Getting Started Intro Course by clicking here.

I’m available by appointment to give you personalized coaching for any of these techniques, by telephone or Skype.  I, also, offer a complete program using the InstaCalm® Anxiety Relief System. You can schedule, online, a 15 minute free consultation, with me or one of my coaches We will discuss your situation and how the InstaCalm® Program can quickly work for you.

Begin your journey to emotional freedom now. Read and practice  the following “TOP 10 SELF-HELP TECHNIQUES FOR FAST ANXIETY RELIEF”:

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Calm Your Body & Mind

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Constant “fight or flight” responses through your nervous system, wears down the body & mind. Deep relaxation helps you reduce stress & anxiety.

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Breathing Technique

During anxiety attack, breathing becomes fast, shallow, and from the top of their chest (diaphragm). This creates a difficult to breath feeling.

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EXERCISE Reduces Anxiety

It’s proven, that exercise reduces stress, anxiety and depression. If you’re suffering with anxiety, you wish you could take a pill and have it quickly go-away.

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Take Care of Your Body (physiology)

STOP Stimulants & Alcohol! All uncomfortable feelings or symptoms of anxiety & panic are physical.

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Have Fun & Hug

Engaging in intimacy will trigger the brain to release chemical “pleasure endorphins”

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Change Your Mind’s Perception

Stop Worry Instantly!

Release Anticipation Anxiety in Seconds through “Time Line Therapy®”. I consider it the most powerful tool in my tool box.

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Trigger Calm-Confidence with an Anchor

“Anchoring” comes from a study about self improvement, called Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

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Stopping Anxious Thoughts

Anxious thoughts the most agonizing symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This amazing method will make them disappear.

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Stop Panic Attacks in Seconds

When you are having an Anxiety Attack or Panic Attack, your normal, cognitive thought process is to want to try and stop it.

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Improve Self Confidence

Having confidence in your ability to use techniques like these… to control & manage your anxiety is important.

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