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Practice Relaxation Techniques

The constant activation of the “fight or flight” response through your sympathetic nervous system, wears down the body and mind. The more you can experience a state of deep relaxation, the better you can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

By regularly practicing techniques to relax the mind and body, it’s possible to retrain the mind to maintain a state of calmness and get back the feelings of happiness, serenity and confidence.

The Ten Top Self-Help Techniques that you are reading right-now, can be downloaded in a printable, PDF format.  It includes a complimentary copy of one of my best recordings, “Deep Calmness”.  You can get it all in the FREE “Anxiety Relief Kit”.

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Listen to this relaxation recording once or twice a day, at a time and in a place where you won’t be disturbed for 19 minutes. Use headphones for the best listening experience. Mornings are best and at a time when you are most wide awake and alert. NOT at bedtime.

There are special sound effects in “Deep Calmness” that will help you achieve one of the deepest states of relaxation. So, never play this while driving.  During the guided visualization, you will hear, consciously and subconsciously, suggestive phrasing that can condition your mind with the Relaxation Response.

This mental conditioning is much the same as learning… but, on a deeper level. The results should be:

“Anytime you begin to feel tense or nervous… you will automatically take a deep breath… and you will instantly feel calm and confident & be reminded of these relaxed feelings with the next breath you exhale.”

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique

Another popular method to retrain your mind to remain relaxed; is to tense and relax… in-sequence, different parts of your body, starting with your feet and moving up your body. This can be even more effective, if you do this while, at the same time, performing the 5:7 Breathing Technique (Technique #9).

Calming Your Body & Mind

Change Your Mind’s Perception