Ultimate Relaxation System (Upgrade)

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Training Course to Help You Keep Your Mind & Body Calm and Relaxed Using Self-Hypnosis

Step-by-Step training in learning the amazing InstaCalm Relaxation Technique. You will be able to instantly enter a deep state of relaxation and turn-off stress… “LIKE A LIGHT-SWITCH”!  Life-Changer for all severity levels of stress and anxiety.

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Relaxation System Course                                



  • Video tutorials and step-by-step instructions.
  • Learn the InstaCalm Relaxation Technique and how to program your mind to quickly enter a deeply relaxed state of hypnosis and SHORT-CIRCUIT your FEAR RESPONSE. This means you can end nervous-tension anytime!
  • Learn how to condition your mind to remain calm throughout the day, so, you break the habit of feeling nervous and tense.
  • Overcome work related stress by periodically performing the one-minute technique during short breaks to help you improve your job performance & productivity.
  • How to stop a panic or anxiety attack in seconds.
  • Get 9 Hypnotic MP3 Recordings, including the following Bonus Hypnotherapy MP3 Recordings:
    • “Sleep Now” that can help you fall deeply asleep within 10 minutes and overcome insomnia.
    • “Binge Buster” helps you end stress and emotional eating so you can overcome the greatest cause of being overweight.
    • “Quit Smoking” Hypnosis helps you stop smoking to improve your health and save money.
    • “Overcoming Discomfort” surrounds your body with a protective shield of relaxation to help alleviate physical and emotional pain.
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