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  • Anchoring Calm-Confidence

    Trigger Calm – Confidence with Anchoring

    Creating an Anchor

    The term anchoring, in this case, comes from a study of an approach to communication techniques that are used for self improvement and re-engineering the human condition, called Neuro-lingustic Programming (NLP). These techniques are often used to help change behavior and emotional states.

    Anchoring is a process of conditioning the mind with an association between a state of mind or emotional mood, and, an external stimulus that is usually something seen, felt, heard or smelled. Once an anchor is established, the emotional state can be re-experienced by repeating the stimulus. This is called “firing” or “triggering” the anchor.

    Examples of an anchor would be, hearing a piece of music that instantly brings up feelings of excitement from a teenage memory, smelling freshly baked cookies that reminds you of a happy childhood memory of love and comfort, or the creation of a “Positive Resource Anchor”, that you can use to quickly change the negative, emotional state of anxious fear, to a positive state of calm – confidence!

    In this MP3 recording, you will be guided, by Charles Beeson, through the process of creating a set of positive anchors.  You will later, be able to trigger your anchors with a quick squeeze of your hand.*

    (Length 14 min.) * Results Vary