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  • InstaCalm Relaxation Technique


    Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique Mini-Course

    Includes 4 MP3 Recordings with Step-By-Step Instructions:
    The InstaCalm Relaxation Techique is a method in self hypnosis, that helps you quickly achieve a very relaxed state of the mind and body, for a pre-determined length of time. I taught this technique to hundreds of my client/patients, one-on-one, in my office over many years. This at-home, training  course makes it much more convienient to learn.

    Overcome Harmful Stress and Learn…

    • How to Turn-Off Stress Like a Light-Switch *
    • How to Become More Calm & Relaxed in All Situations *
    • How to Alleviate Nervous Tension with One Deep Breath *
    • How to Improve Your Productivity *
      *Individual Results Vary

    The objectives of the technique are:

    1. Instantly Reduce Stress by helping the brain switch from the sympathetic nervous system (stress response) to the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response). *
    2. Help the individual sustain a relaxed state by frequently performing the technique for one minute intervals throughout the day. This can be useful in the process of alleviating severe chronic stress & anxiety disorders, such as, GAD. *
    3. Use in conjuction with cognitive hypnotherapy recordings to help condition the mind with automatic stress coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety during difficult and overwhelming situations.*

    Begin a new life of Calm-Confidence, FREE from the grips of STRESS!

    *Individual Results Vary


    Sleep Now
    (Length 22 min.)

    Play this through stereo speakers close to your bed. It begins with the “Deep Calmness” audio recording, but with no wake-up emersion at the end. It finishes with sleep-inducing music and sound effects that take you from an alpha brain wave to delta and theta. Hypnotic suggestions help to conditon the mind to become more calm and relaxed in all situations. *Results Vary


    Alleviate tension for pain relief
    (Length 23 min.)

    Let the relaxation spread through the most tense parts of your body to provide relief from pain. The guided imagery will help you create a Protective Shield around you that will absorb calmness and deflect physical and emotional discomfort. *Results Vary

  • Five-Seven 5:7 Breathing Technique:

    Guided Deep Breathing Reinforcement
    (Length 12 min.)

    Learn a breathing technique for quickly achieving a calm state. The voice guides your breathing with a slow count, while special sound effects help to create a very relaxed mind and body.  During your listening experience, a voice softly repeats affirmations through your left ear, to improve your self confidence in controlling your anxiety. *Results Vary


    Deep Calmness
    (Length 19 minutes) FREE

    This 19 minute recording is a highly advanced audio track that will guide you into one of the deepest states of relaxation. It is used as the primary hypnotic induction for several of our hypnotic self-help tools and is offered here FREE of charge as a relaxation, stress-reduction audio for quieting and calming the autonomic nervous system. *Results Vary