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Introduction to the InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Online Program
Module 1 Getting Started+
Unit 1 Welcome to Your Home Anxiety Treatment Program
Unit 2 How to Use Self-Hypnosis Recordings for Faster Anxiety Relief
Unit 3 Listen to "Deep Calmness" Every Morning
Module 2 Panic Attack First Aid+
Unit 1 What's The Cause & How to Stop Anxiety Attacks
Module 3 Track Your Progress+
Unit 1 Anxiety Rating Test
Unit 2 About Your Anxiety Rating Score
Unit 3 Tracking Your Progress
Ultimate Relaxation System
Module 1 How to Stay Calm+
Unit 1 Practice Relaxation Techniques
Module 2 InstaCalm Technique+
Unit 1 Introduction to Instacalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 2 Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique
Module 3 Calming Tips+
Unit 1 Take Care of Your Body (physiology)
Unit 2 Have Fun & Make Love
Unit 3 Overcoming Stress Anxiety Triggered Habits
How to Stop Worry & Anxious Thoughts
Module 1 Stop Worry in Seconds+
Unit 1 Stop Worry Instantly!
Module 2 Ending Anxious & Irrational Thoughts+
Unit 1 Stopping Anxious Thoughts
Change Fears to Calm-Confidence
Module 1 Becoming Self-Confident+
Unit 1 Improve Self Confidence
Module 2 How to Trigger Feeling Confidence+
Unit 1 Trigger Calm-Confidence With Anchoring
Module 3 Overcome Common Fears+
Unit 1 Confident Public Speaking
Unit 2 Flying Confidence
Unit 3 Driving with Confidence
Module 4 Journey to Happiness+
Unit 1 Journey to Happiness
Presenting with Confidence
Module 1 Presenting with Confidence+
Unit 1 Confident Public Speaking
Unit 2 Stop Worry Instantly!
Unit 3 Introduction to Instacalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 4 Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 5 Trigger Calm-Confidence With Anchoring
Unit 6 Developing Your Presentation Skills
Unit 7 Improve Self Confidence
Module 1 Driving with Confidence+
Unit 1 Driving with Confidence Overview
Unit 2 Breathing Technique
Unit 3 Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 4 Stop Worry Instantly!
Unit 5 Trigger Calm-Confidence With Anchoring
Module 1 Flying with Confidence+
Unit 1 Flying with Confidence Overview
Unit 2 How to Stop Anticipation Anxiety!
Unit 3 Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 4 Trigger Calm-Confidence With Anchoring
Unit 5 Breathing Technique Copy

Welcome to the Member Platform

Module 1: Calming Your Nervous System


Learning The InstaCalm® Relaxation Technique


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Overcome Harmful Stress In 21 Days And Learn…

  • How to Turn-Off Stress, Nervousness & Tension Like a Light-Switch
  • How to Become More Calm & Relaxed in All Situations
  • How to Condition Your Mind to Alleviate Nervous Tension with One Deep Breath
  • How to Improve Your Productivity

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[toggle title=”Introduction” open=”no”]Hello & Welcome, to this training tutorial on, “How to Turn-off Stress & nervousness like a Light-Switch”, with the InstaCalm® Relaxation Technique.  I’m going to show you how you can get instant relief from your personal and workplace stress and calm your nervous system, using a very effective and easy-to-learn, self hypnosis technique.

The Cost of Stress

The cost of stress is huge. In the United States, employee turnover… lower productivity… absenteeism… workers compensation and medical insurance; costs industry and employers over $300 billion a year. The frustrating economy… financial burdens… conflicts in our personal relationships at home and work, pressures from deadlines and overwhelming workloads, have become a serious problem.

Recent polls show that 42% of adults and 52% of teenagers feel that stress is impacting their health and happiness Stress is our body’s natural and normal response to a situation that your mind perceives as a threat. When our lives are balanced and calm, the stress response protects us, so that should a life threatening event occur, our nervous system will release adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream. This makes our heart beat faster…muscles tighten… Blood pressure to rise and breathing to quicken.

Flight or Fight

This normal stress reaction, is often called the flight or fight response. This helps us to either fight off an attacker… runaway or freeze in place. If this mental and physical state is sustained over time, it can cause great harm to our immune system, hurt mental and physical health and cause disease. A prolonged state of extreme nervousness and tension has been determined to contribute to a long list of illnesses.

Stress has been linked to cancer, high blood pressure, obesity and immune system disorders, to name a few. When not addressed and managed properly, stress can lead to depression and serious anxiety disorders. It can hurt personal performance and relationships. The few hours that you will invest in learning this techmique can DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE and SAVE YOUR LIFE![/toggle]

[toggle title=”Using Relaxation Techniques For Stress Reduction” open=”no”]It’s long been accepted that the practice of relaxation techniques can help counteract the problems brought on by stress and anxiety. Back in the 60s and 70s, considerable research was conducted at Harvard Medical School and the University of California, to find out how the practice of meditation could improve a persons physical and emotional states.

Many relaxation techniques were developed using:

  • Regulated deep breathing
  • Progressive relaxation techniqus
  • Methods of mental focus that are used in the practice of meditation

I first, became aware of this research, back in the early 90s, while working on developing a new stress relief program.

There was a time when I practiced both meditation, and, taught classes in how to meditate. I knew from this experience that learning how to meditate can be very challenging for many people. It can be even more difficult if you’re extremely stressed when you’re trying to do it.

I came to realize that one of the deepest states of relaxation can be achieved through the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

The process of putting oneself into a hypnotic state is called self-hypnosis. I also knew from experience, that the best way to learn how to perform self hypnosis, is while you’re actually in a deep state of hypnosis.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Overview & Purpose Of The InstaCalm Technique” open=”no”]The InstaCalm Relaxation Techique is a method in self hypnosis, that quickly achieves a very relaxed state of the mind and body, for a pre-determined length of time. I taught this technique to hundreds of my client/patients, one-on-one, in my office over many years. This at-home, training course makes it much more convienient to learn.

The objectives of the technique are:

  1. To Instantly Reduce Stress by helping the brain switch from the sympathetic nervous system (stress response) to the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response).
  2. Help the individual sustain a relaxed state by frequently performing the technique for one minute intervals throughout the day. This can be useful in alleviating severe chronic stress & anxiety disorders, such as, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

This technique uses cognitive hypnotherapy recordings to help condition the mind with automatic stress coping strategies. It can be effective to help manage stress and anxiety during difficult and overwhelming situations.

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About the Author:

charles beeson
Charles R. Beeson, CHt , is the Director of and President of InstaCalm, Inc. He created the InstaCalm, Anxiety Relief System. Today, he provides individual, one-on-one anxiety relief coaching for the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Areas, as well as, remotely by phone or Skype.