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Introduction to the InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Online Program
Module 1 Getting Started+
Unit 1 Welcome to Your Home Anxiety Treatment Program
Unit 2 How to Use Self-Hypnosis Recordings for Faster Anxiety Relief
Unit 3 Listen to "Deep Calmness" Every Morning
Module 2 Panic Attack First Aid+
Unit 1 What's The Cause & How to Stop Anxiety Attacks
Module 3 Track Your Progress+
Unit 1 Anxiety Rating Test
Unit 2 About Your Anxiety Rating Score
Unit 3 Tracking Your Progress
Ultimate Relaxation System
Module 1 How to Stay Calm+
Unit 1 Practice Relaxation Techniques
Module 2 InstaCalm Technique+
Unit 1 Introduction to Instacalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 2 Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique
Module 3 Calming Tips+
Unit 1 Take Care of Your Body (physiology)
Unit 2 Have Fun & Make Love
Unit 3 Overcoming Stress Anxiety Triggered Habits
How to Stop Worry & Anxious Thoughts
Module 1 Stop Worry in Seconds+
Unit 1 Stop Worry Instantly!
Module 2 Ending Anxious & Irrational Thoughts+
Unit 1 Stopping Anxious Thoughts
Change Fears to Calm-Confidence
Module 1 Becoming Self-Confident+
Unit 1 Improve Self Confidence
Module 2 How to Trigger Feeling Confidence+
Unit 1 Trigger Calm-Confidence With Anchoring
Module 3 Overcome Common Fears+
Unit 1 Confident Public Speaking
Unit 2 Flying Confidence
Unit 3 Driving with Confidence
Module 4 Journey to Happiness+
Unit 1 Journey to Happiness
Presenting with Confidence
Module 1 Presenting with Confidence+
Unit 1 Confident Public Speaking
Unit 2 Stop Worry Instantly!
Unit 3 Introduction to Instacalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 4 Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 5 Trigger Calm-Confidence With Anchoring
Unit 6 Developing Your Presentation Skills
Unit 7 Improve Self Confidence
Module 1 Driving with Confidence+
Unit 1 Driving with Confidence Overview
Unit 2 Breathing Technique
Unit 3 Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 4 Stop Worry Instantly!
Unit 5 Trigger Calm-Confidence With Anchoring
Module 1 Flying with Confidence+
Unit 1 Flying with Confidence Overview
Unit 2 How to Stop Anticipation Anxiety!
Unit 3 Learning The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique
Unit 4 Trigger Calm-Confidence With Anchoring
Unit 5 Breathing Technique Copy

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What Are the Anxiety Relief Self Hypnosis Tools?

The  InstaCalm Self-Help Tools for anxiety relief are downloadable, MP3 self hypnosis recordings that use deep relaxation and guided imagery. They will create a hypnotic state to help the user quickly learn and master the best Self-Help Anxiety Relief Techniques.


These recordings use Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy techniques that are designed to teach and train the mind to overcome anxiety with:

•  Anxiety Knowledge
•  New Behavior Strategies
•  Positive Beliefs & Perceptions
•  Fast Working Techniques to Stop Anxiety, Panic &  Negative Emotional States.

They have been professionally recorded in an mp3 format, making it easy to download to a computer over the internet. Once downloaded, they can be transferred to any mp3 player, iPod, and smart phone or be used to burn a CD from your computer.

Many Roll Their Eyes!

Do you roll your eyes in disbelief when you here the word, “Hypnosis”.  There are still many people who have limited understanding, knowledge or experience with the subject. They think of parlor tricks or a stage show they once saw.

THEN, THERE ARE the thousands of men and women who have stopped smoking,  lost excess weight or improved their lives by alleviating their fear of public speaking, as well as, all phobias and anxiety disorders with the help of hypnotherapy. There are numerous  mental health professionals, psychologists, medical doctors and life coaches trained and certified by professional associations, in its use. But, PLEASE BE WARNED!

Be cautious about running to the phone and calling a hypnotherapist about getting help to recover from a serious anxiety or panic attack disorder. Many of these professionals have had little training in this area. Make sure the person has experience with anxiety disorders.

This author, has has been practicing hypnotherapy professionally  for over 26 years. I been a specialist in the area of Anxiety Therapy since 1995. I created the InstaCalm Anxiety Relief System as an effective, short-term treatment.  There has been a growing need for this due to the FAILURE of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to achieve satisfactory results quickly.

When you are suffering with serious anxiety and panic… you want relief RIGHT NOW!  Not in 3 to 6 months of CBT counseling.

How Do the Hypnotic Recordings Work?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that occurs when the critical & analytical mind is bypassed, mental focus is concentrated and the subconscious mind becomes receptive to conditioning, learning and suggestion. (Hypnotic Therapeutics, James Braid 1853)

Model Of Hypnosis

By-Passing The Critical Mind During Hypnosis

Most people enter a naturally-occurring state of hypnosis frequently throughout the day. Ever feel ZONED OUT ?

• You are not asleep or unconscious.
• You are aware and in complete control.
• You feel very relaxed.
• You cannot be made to do anything against your will OR divulge secrets.
• It’s completely safe.

The InstaCalm recordings utilize deep relaxation techniques to help you by-pass your critical mind. Then, using advanced hypnotic language patterning, compelling imagery, metaphor and proven motivational techniques to condition your mind… new, cognitive thought processes can be established.

This combination can make the hypnotic state, an ultimate Learning State… without the interference of the doubting, critical mind. This is perfect for more easily learning the self-help techniques for the fastest anxiety relief.

How to Use the Recordings

The best time to listen to your hypnosis recordings is early in the day… when you are most wide awake and alert. Late at night, you will likely fall asleep and miss out on the therapeutic value, unless of course that’s your intention (when listening to the “Sleep Now” hypnotic recording).

Find yourself a comfortable position, sitting or laying down… at a time when you will not be disturbed for the length of the recording (or you will become alert if disturbed by a doorbell, ringing telephone or emergency). Use head phones or ear plugs for the best listening experience. Just follow my verbal instructions and enjoy the relaxation.

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About the Author:

charles beeson
Charles R. Beeson, CHt , is the Director of and President of InstaCalm, Inc. He created the InstaCalm, Anxiety Relief System. Today, he provides individual, one-on-one anxiety relief coaching for the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Areas, as well as, remotely by phone or Skype.

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