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InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Helps You to Alleviate Anxiety Fast!

Get Your Life Back with All-Natural Anxiety Treatment Using Cognitive-Hypnotherapy

*Individual Results Vary

The InstaCalm® Anxiety Relief Treatment Program in San Jose, California, is a Short-Term, Alternative Therapy that can help you manage & alleviate the symptoms of anxiety disorders, serious stress and fears… FAST!  Many of our clients are able to get great results in just 4 to 5 sessions. *Results may vary.

Watch our video and learn how you can quickly…

*Program Objectives:

  • Alleviate Worry and Anticipation Anxiety .
  • Helps You Gain Calm-Confidence.
  • Learn How to Control Negative-Anxious Thoughts.
  • Learn Techniques to Improve Sleep.
  • You Can Get Your Life Back Free from Anxiety & Medication.
Instacalm Anxiety Relief Treatment

Many of our clients say that many of their symptoms were gone after just their first InstaCalm® Session. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your first session, you owe us nothing and will receive a full refund of any monies paid before you leave the building. Otherwise, complete 4 more sessions for just one flat fee. *Individual Results Vary

Should you require additional sessions to achieve your desired outcome, they will be provided at no-extra-charge until you are free of any unwanted anxiety or fears. You may return at anytime for reinforcement, as-long-as-our-doors are open. 


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